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I recently subscribed to the new exchange hosting plan (such as SoZo’s Exchange Hosting ) and when I go to outlook to the global address book I do not see anyone in my global address book from my company, I only see old entries.

Close microsoft outlook, do a search on your system for *.oab files, delete all of the found files. Then open outlook and select the down arrow next to send and receive, select the option to download address book.



I’m recently ran the setup program to connect to the exchange hosting server, this worked correctly but now I want to add some contacts I have to the new contacts folder, how do I do this? I’m using outlook 2007.

Righ click on contacts on the left pane and select import, then import your contacts.



I want to set up my windows mobile device to use outlook. How do I do this?

You will do this by using microsoft activesync. First install activesync on your mobile device, you can download this from the web. Next follow the steps below.
1.On your device select Start > ActiveSync.
2.In the ActiveSync panel select Menu > Add Server Source.
Enter name of the ActiveSync server:

For exchange 2003 users use:

For exchange 2007 users use:

3.Check “This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection option.”
4.Press Next.
5.In the User Information panel fill the following fields:
• User name:
• Password: The mailbox password
• Domain: MAIL
6.Check “Enable Save password option.” Press Next.
7.In the Options panel choose the data you want to synchronize with the server.
8.Press Finish.
9.ActiveSync will perform an initial sync.

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