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Database Logins and Security with MS SQL 2005 and 2008

You can set up a different login ids and passwords for each person that will be accessing a database on your system. Set the password with upper and lower characters and at least 1 number. Then in the customer database, add the login id with the same login id that that you added in the security section. Here is the steps the SQL Studio management tool (this tool you can download free from microsoft):

1) Add the new database

2) Click on the security folder at the bottom left of your menu, the folder that is NOT inside a database folder. Right click on the Security/Login folder and click on the NewLogin option. Add the new login id . After selecting the SQL Server Authentication radio box option and entering a unqiue password, usually you only need the enforce password policy check box checked. Point the default database to the new database you just added in step 1 and select the correct language. Click ok.

3) Open up the Security/Login folder INSIDE the new database you just added and right click on user folder and select the Add User menu option. Add the same user id in step 2. For the roles for a web access type client, normally you check all the check all the role check boxes EXCEPT these 3: db_backupoperator, and the 2 db_deny… check boxes. Click Ok and now you are done.

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Microsoft sql server 2005 management studio client tools (Express) can be downloaded for free from



Microsoft sql server 2008 management studio client tools (Express) can be downloaded for free from

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