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What is an SSL certificate and what is the difference between http:// and https:// for web site addresses?

You should never enter credit card information, or passwords or any other very confidential information on web sites that only start with http:// . https:// at the start of a web site address means an ssl certificate is installed on the site scrambling all transmissions of data you enter in that web site screen. An ssl certificate scrambles the data you enter and then unscrambles it to process it. (In coding language it is called encryption and decryption.) When you login into your account on a web page and see the web site address at the top of your browser changes to https://.. then you are safe with your transactions as you should also see a lock icon show up on your browser.

SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data, first a public key known to everyone and the second is the private key known only to the recipient. SSL an unique and effective way to achieve data/ecommerce security.

Internet trends have boomed in popularity and are creating more opportunities for both commercial and non-commercial sectors. Most people will not submit their private details on the web unless they know the transaction/information they provide would be secure. The best way to provide web security and gain more customers is by installing an SSL certificate to prove the legitimacy of your website.

Click on SSL Certificates for more information on how SSL certificates are priced for the time period you want them to cover on your web site.

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