SEO Web Site Coding To Improve Rankings – Tip 9

This tip is on web coding to improve your rankings in the major search engines which means going into your web site pages and making changes. If you are not coding for SEO and dont think SEO is important, you may notice your rankings over the months will start to drop since everyone else is coding for SEO.

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Major search engines that try to follow hyperlinks into all files however files that are coding language files cannot always be followed. This means if you have tons of files that are not html files you are not guaranteed the major search engines will read all of them. Html hyperlinks to other html pages can easily be followed by the major site crawlers. Html hyperlinks to code files are not guaranteed to be followed. There also is code you can add to turn off crawlers from crawling certain files so make sure that code in not in your file if you want that file crawled.
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