The full page web advertising service listed below is a NON pay per click program.  Add to your web full page ad your logo / product images, 500 characters of description, 100 characters of a title, 100 characters of an ad caption, your meta data from your web site and your SEO keywords with 3 different hyperlinks to your site for surfers to sign up for your promotions. Flat rate rate of only $19.95/month after 60 days free using promo code 09DC11.

Here is an example of a sample web full page ad that is displayed on over 20 business directories:

This sign up link: (Web Full Page Ad ) is a flat rate rate of $19.95/month after the FREE 60 day trial period. UNLIMITED CLICKS! When you click on this link you can view another 10 benefits of this service.

This Web Advertising System’s full page ad for you gives you a separate html page that can be found in the major search engines. You get your own free web account to edit your web full page ad as often as you want.

This service also gets your web full page ad on 20+ business directories with links on over 10 blog sites to increase your web exposure so people can find you on more avenues on the web. Get your images out infront of the world!

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