SSL is all about security encryption. It creates an encrypted link between a SoZo Hosting Inc. web server and a user’s web browser. The link ensures that all information passed between the SoZo Hosting Inc.’s web server and user’s web browser remains private and secure and is recognized by millions of consumers by a secure padlock which appears in their web browser. The link uses an SSL Certificate that you have to purchase. SSL certificate are digital signature files and installed on web servers.

This simple fact allows e-Business providers an opportunity to leverage that increased trust level to turn visitors into paying customers. SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data, first a public key known to everyone and the second is the private key known only to the recipient. SSL an unique and effective way to achieve data/ecommerce security.

If you have an ecommerce site, a web site with a login screen or save confidential information, then yes we recommend you add an SSL certificate to your site. You buy SSL certificates to cover a period of time. Here are are some prices and time frames: as if you are not sure of the success of your ecommerce site, then start off with a 1 year certificate. Buying certificates to cover more than 1 year will give you a better discount.


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