SEO Web Site Coding To Improve Rankings – Tip 32

This tip is on web coding to improve your rankings in the major search engines which means going into your web site pages and making changes. If you are not coding for SEO and dont think SEO is important, you may notice your rankings over the months will start to drop since everyone else is coding for SEO.

Here you go — free on us — compliments of and also compliments of :

SEO Tip 32: Yes! I just completed a project that a customer was not in the top 100o positions in Google. Now they are on page 1 of Google. So yes, SEO programing works as long as you do it by the rules Google lays out. Click this link for Google SEO descriptions: Google SEO.

Most businesses are programming with SEO techniques so if you are not programming your web site for SEO, you might find new businesses are taking the ranking positions you used to have.


For more information click on this link:


Click on this link: Free meta data ranking advice on your web site/ to get a report on your meta data of your site and advice as meta titles are very important and meta descriptions are what are shown in all the major search engine results in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.




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