SEO Web Site Coding To Improve Rankings – Tip 26

This tip is on web coding to improve your rankings in the major search engines which means going into your web site pages and making changes. If you are not coding for SEO and dont think SEO is important, you may notice your rankings over the months will start to drop since everyone else is coding for SEO.

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SEO Tip 26: Major search engines look at hyperlinks and the words in the hyperlinks. You should have many hyperlinks to each of your pages but remember to use your keywords in these hyperlinks. Use anchor text not only for links to other pages on your site but also to other web pages outside your site that someone else owns (ie blogs, articles and other web sites that have information about your web site.) Remember to stay with a few main keywords or 1 or 2 phrases and use those consistently throughout your web site rather than trying to use 50 to 100 keywords as too many keywords does not help your rankings.   Use your keywords in  your hyperlinks if you can.  Do not use link farms.


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