SEO Web Site Coding To Improve Rankings – Tip 2

This tip is on web coding to improve your rankings in the major search engines which means going into your web site pages and making changes. If you are not coding for SEO and dont think SEO is important, you may notice your rankings over the months will start to drop since everyone else is coding for SEO.

Here you go — free on us — compliments of and also compliments of :

Use a tool to monitor the visits (not just hits) on your site. When a client lands on your site, that makes 1 visit. Sometimes 1 visit can generate multiple hits so the hit count on a some web monitor tools is a far greater number and not as useful as the Visit count. Google has tools to monitor hits/visits on your site.  You also can ask you web hostiing provider to set up Webalizer on your web site as firms like do it for you for free.

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