Where is your website ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing? Are you even in the top 100 positions?

Below is a firm that can help you. They have helped mamy customers get to page 1 on Google.

Write Up from SoZo Web Advertising Services:

Our Internet Advertising Division is here to help you increase your search engine rankings in the major Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The first step is to choose your keyword search engine phrases that summarizes your firm.

Is your site programmed for SEO?(Search Engine Optimization).  It is time to increase your rankings!

We have tools to look up your keyword phrases and tell you how many times people are doing searches on those keywords phrases each month on Google. Our consulting services will then recommend to you some more keywords phrases that will help you in your search engine rankings.  After doing an analysis of your site and looking to see how much of your web site code has SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Programming in it, we can recommend the following steps:

1. Call us at 1-800-640-4892 extension 103 and we will do the above analysis for you for only $49.95 which includes an email to you (this email includes your web site meta tag analysis, your current search engine rankings and the number of times your keyword phrases are searched for in Google each month). When you call us we will ask you to sign up on a web advertising account with us.  We can help you sign up on this professional advertising service, (which is only $19.95/month — see this link Full Page Ad ) to give you a full page ad for your web site on 20+ business directories and over 30 blog sites. This web full page ad can edited as often as desired on your free web advertising account.. This full page ad web advertising service has tremendous benefits.  Click on this Full Page Ad Benefits link  for more information (all included in this $19.95/month flat rate).

2. After we do an analysis on your site in the above step, we will recommend one of the following plans of action:

Plan A (the Consulting Plan). We explain to you, where and how your keyword phrases are to be programmed into your web site. We explain to you how to add 2-4 additional web sites that help and not hinder your search engine rankings. The normal industry rate for this consulting is $100/hour however we will give you the special price of only $80/hour for the time that we are on the phone with you. The minimum charge is 1 hour and time is charged on the full hour.

Plan B (the Programming Plan). Do plan A (the Consulting Plan) above as well as actually design, program, and deploy the changes for your new website(s). We will scope out the hours it will take to add the new html pages, menus, links, css files, as well 2-4 additional web sites. We will give you the special price of only $80/hour and tell you the number of hours that are required to complete the project. We will charge your credit card the total amount up front before we begin programming on your web files.  We will email you the statistics of your Google rankings of how your ranked BEFORE we started the project and AFTER we finish the project, showing how your rankings have increased. The minimum charge is 8 hours as we need to add a minimum of 2 new web sites for you and 4-6 new web pages on each site.  This new web site will have your same logos as your main site. You will be required to submit to us 200 to 500 words of your own text for each new site added.

Search Engine Ranking has to be monitored and your site needs SEO tuning and tweaking each month based on the current competition to your web site found in Google, Bing and Yahoo. The new web site hosting fees for these 2 – 4 new sites and the new domain registration costs and the cost of your full page ad on over 20 business directories and over 30 blog sites is all included in the $49.95/monthly ongoing charge that we charge you at the start.

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